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Cavitech SA is a Swiss company, active for more than 20 years, specialized in the manufacture of cables as well as in the assembly of electrical, electronic and mechanical devices.

We are able to meet all your needs by offering you targeted solutions. 

From the production of small series in very short time or large quantities at attractive prices, we support you in the development and realization of all your projects.


Cavitech was created in 2002 by Mr Aldo De Sanctis. After working for more than 35 years in the field of wiring, Mr De Sanctis wanted to put his experience and knowledge to use, by creating his own company. He has established a relationship of partnership and trust with suppliers, thus making it possible to produce products of excellent value. Thanks to the trust shown by its customers, Cavitech has seen its premises expand, its fleet complement and its team grow.

Cavitech is a dynamic company, with a motivated and passionate team, able to respond to all kinds of requests, offering an impeccable quality of execution.

Cavitech is known for its professionalism but also for its family spirit highly appreciated by customers and suppliers. Its structure allows to make decisions quickly, to have great flexibility in the management of its resources and to be reactive and flexible, two key words in a constantly evolving market.

Since 2014, Jessica Oliva, his daughter, has taken over the management of the company and continues the activities in compliance with the policy and ethics established by its founder. Cavitech is now expanding its development under the Cavitech SA entity.


Custom cable making, assembly and wiring of devices.

Our structure allows us to meet all types of needs, from the demand for samples to the production of large series. We are active in various sectors such as:

Aviation industry
Food industry
Automotive industry
Solar Energy
Electronics industry
Machine Tool
Medical industry

From the crimping of a wire to the assembly of a strand to the assembly of cable chains, we produce according to the specificities, the requirements of the customer and the standards in force.

Our technical office is at your disposal to answer all your requests and accompany you in the realization of your projects.


Making all types of cables for your devices and machines


Manufacture and crimping of wires from 0.03mm2 to 95mm2


Production of complete cable sets for installation in your machines


Special or standard series, halogen-free, high flexibility, round or twisted flat cables


Industrialization and assembly
of your strands


Welding conductors directly on your electronic boards


Assembly and assembly of various components such as power boxes, electrical boxes, motors and printed circuits


Making cables, tubes and assembly
of your automation chains


Protection, robustness and sealing
of your products


According to your request,
in collaboration with our partners


International solutions, targeted according to your needs.

In parallel with its Swiss production, Cavitech SA has developed partnerships with different factories in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia in order to be able to find tailor-made solutions for your projects.
From the request of the sample to the production of large series, we accompany you from the development to the realization of the finished product, in compliance with your specifications.

from Boudry

Product control
in Switzerland

Proposal for international solutions

Definition of
the specification

Contact with
the customer


100% Cable Quality Management (TQM)

Cavitech SA is committed to ensuring consistent and impeccable quality, from the demand for supply to on-time delivery and the manufacturing process. All orders are managed and completed according to applicable standards and guidelines
(ISO 9001, UL, RoHS).

The production of the products is ensured by various electrical tests carried out on our control devices and by our quality team.


Cavitech SA
Chemin de la Baconnière 49b
CH-2017 Boudry

Phone +41 32 841 70 30